High Performance Drills

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micro dagger drills with imperial shanks

Micro Dagger Drills with Imperial Shanks

Our high performance drills are at the cutting edge of perfection. Our standard tolerances on these drills are +.0000 -.0005 and are featured in any size and on any shank size. Our H-Drill line come in a 3 flute design and are ideal for high speed drilling in Aluminum. They are also configured to cut Titanium and stacked materials as well. Our Dreamer line feature a double margin drill design that offers a 1-2 punch for drilling and reaming all in one shot. These are high performance drills made especially for hardened steels. We also offer all of our drills with Coolant Through applications. 

Frequently Ordered Drills

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Coolant Through Drills enable coolant to be pushed through the cutting tool for more effective chip evacuation. Coolant Through holes can be added to Drills, Endmills, Key Cutters, etc. improving overall performance and increasing tool life by decreasing high temperatures reached during machining processes. 

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