Our endmills can be produced using a variety of custom options. Trying to find a catalog tool from another supplier, but they do not offer the type of radius or length of cut you want? We'll make that same tool any way you want it. Our high performance endmills include our line of Cal Special-H (High Speed Machining) endmills specifically designed for those who want to plow through aluminum. Our variator endmills are designed to hold up in the cut of hard materials. 

ball taper 1 .jpg

Ball Taper Endmills

Variator Endmill 1.jpg

Variator Endmills 

Endmill 3.jpg

12 FL Endmill

Endmilll 4 .jpg

Bull Nose Endmill

taper ball tool.jpg

Pencil Mills

California Tool & Cutter Grinding has manufactured the highest quality cutting tools and carbide specials for over 30 years. We pride ourselves by investing in people, technology, and the highest quality carbide materials available; ensuring our customers are equipped with the best carbide cutting tools on the market. We've continually grown as a company for consecutive years adding several new ANCA grinding machines to our already capable lineup of grinding machines in a continual effort to shorten lead times and increase our overall capacity and high productivity.