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Threaded Shank Options

For Tight tolerance applications, our single step and multi-step reamers are recognized by many leading manufacturers for their ability to establish a precise hole size needed. Our multi-step reamers offer customizable bonus features such as a 5 degree helix angle for clean cutting, double margin flute geometry for added stability, and drill/reaming capabilities that make our reamers a "one shot" tool. 

Our triple stage, double margin, 5 degree helix reamers was specifically designed for the Airbus A320 Neo program and has proven time and time again to be the best reamer on the production floor. We can design any form of reamer for you, one that surpasses your expectations. Given the opportunity we'd be happy to show you our capabilities. 

High Precision reamers made to print for a variety of customers. From Aerospace frame production, to the fastener industry, we supply reamers to some of the largest OEM's in the industry. If a customer has a print or needs Cal Tool to prepare a print, we look forward to working with your perishable tooling personnel. ​

Coolant Through Reamer
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Step Reamers:

-From .098 - 1.250 diameter reamers

-From tight tolerance applications to multi-step combination tools. 

-Taper Reamers available in theoretical sharp corner tolerance for ball nose applications or just standard sharp corner. 

-Threaded shank reamers typically in 1/4-28 adapters. Consistent quality control through automated fabrication of the adapters and brazing applications.