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Many cutting tools including high use Endmills, Drills, etc. can be resharpened to like new condition and still provide high quality cutting performance. We resharpen countless carbide cutting tools for many of our customers saving them thousands of dollars on perishable cutting tools every year. Our regrind process eliminates chips on endmills, resharpens dull edges, re-establish radius and the initial end work cutter geometry if needed for specific applications. 

Endmills with long lengths of cut can be cut off at the end of the tool with a whole new end of tool with geometry re-ground, eliminating the need to purchase new cutters altogether. 

Carbide Drills are also often cut off at the end and a whole new drill point is reground giving you a like new drill capable of making thousands of more holes. We can also apply new coating to any cutting tool that has been through the regrind process to reduce surface heat and prolongs the life of the cutting tool. 

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