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- High Performance end mill / Ideal for high-speed machining (hundreds of sizes in stock) 

- Reamers, coolant through, step reamers, T-15 reamers 

- Drill Reamers/Dreamers various lengths and diameters

- Diamond coated routers, end mills, compression routers designed to cut CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer)

- Pencil Mills, ball taper nose end mills

- Dovetail cutters, diamond and PVD coated options 

- Keyseat cutters, T-slot cutting tools, picatinny slot cutters

- Hammer pins, punch pins, location tools

- H-Drills (self-centering point geometry

- Double margin drills, long boy drills

- P-Routers, diamond & PVD coated options 

- Micro dagger drills with imperial shanks 

- Trepan cutters (made to print specifications)

- Left hand helix right hand cut tools

- Combination drills / drill countersinks etc. 

- Flat bottom end mills & drills 

- Parabolic drills, coolant through step drills, drill regrinds

- Variator end mills for cutting hard metals 

- 1/4-28 Threaded shank tools 

- Straight flute end mills, drills, reamers, etc. 

- Form tools made to print specification solid carbide and T-15 options available 

- Carbide tipped form tools made to print specifications 

- Diamond coat or PVD coating options for all cutters manufactured 

- Honing services in house 

- Resharpening services for End mills, drills, or other applicable cutting tools 

- Cutters made from the highest quality carbide rod available in the industry. 

- Send RFQ's to 

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step drill,  drill reamer, dagger drill, double margin drill, coolant through drill, carbide drill, piloted countersink, H-Drill, self centering drill,  dreamer, carbide drill

Demand for high-quality solid carbide drills is high. We produce some of the best-performing drills that create exceptionally clean holes and finishes. Our range includes various custom drills such as step drills, double-margin drills, drill reamers, coolant-through drills, high helix, combination drills, and our popular H-Drill. The H-Drill boasts a 3-flute design with a fine-tip point that eliminates walking, resulting in superior finishes, faster feed rates, and overall enhanced performance. Whether you require large production runs or smaller orders with a minimum of three pieces, we can accommodate your needs.


We specialize in manufacturing top-tier 1/4-28 Threaded Shank Tools, with a focus on high-quality carbide cutting tools. Committed to excellence, advanced technology, and sustainable practices, our company leads in delivering cutting-edge solutions for various industrial sectors. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility boasts advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines for precision machining and threading. Automation integration guarantees the consistent and accurate production of 1/4-28 threaded shank tools, meeting the highest industry standards.

Threaded Shank Tools.jpg


Utilizing the Zoller Genius 3 machine, we ensure unparalleled precision in inspecting 1/4-28 Threaded Shank Tools. This state-of-the-art equipment guarantees meticulous examination of critical geometry and tolerances, meeting the highest industry standards. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond routine checks, utilizing advanced technology to consistently deliver tools that exceed expectations.

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We manufacture cutting tools on the highest quality CNC grinders available. Along with our vast capabilities for producing solid carbide rotary tools and form tools, we also have a dedicated tool and cutter grinding facility to sharpen and recondition your existing cutting tools. We are not only experts in carbide specialties, we have vast knowledge in high-speed machining. If you utilize machinery that is capable of running 6K-40K rpm and 24-100hp, we have a wide range of tools suitable for your operations

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Quality is always a primary focus for manufacturers seeking new cutting tool suppliers. A manufacturer with our extensive experience in crafting cutting tools recognizes that to ensure optimal performance, maintaining quality throughout the entire tool-making process is paramount. To achieve this goal, our inspection department has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in new equipment, software, and processes, solidifying our commitment to upholding a reputation for excellence. The culmination of our quality assurance efforts is seen in the final inspection stage, where we utilize our Zoller Genius 3 to meticulously verify that all critical cutter geometries and tight tolerance callouts have been met. This meticulous approach guarantees that each cutting tool not only appears identical but consistently delivers optimal performance.

zoller inspection.jpg

Inspecting tools on our Zoller machine is the final stage of our inspection process after initial inspection which includes checks for chips, heels, burs, etc. as well as measuring all callouts on customer prints on an optical comparator, micrometer inspection of tool necks and shanks, and tool washing before Zoller inspection. Checking tools on our Zoller ensures certified tools match their corresponding reports. We measure and confirm cutter diameters, step lengths, helix angles, relief angles, hook, and other crucial geometrical features confirming they match the master tool we keep on hand for all cutting tools manufactured at California Tool.

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