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California Tool has manufactured the highest quality carbide cutting tools and carbide specials for over 20 yrs. We pride ourselves by investing in people, technology, and the highest quality carbide materials available ensuring our customers are equipped with the best carbide cutting tools on the market. We continue to grow substantially as a company, recently adding several ANCA grinding machines to our already capable lineup to continue improving turnaround times and overall capability. 

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Cutting tools come in many different shapes and sizes, but you can also have the same tool with many different geometrical features, including hook, helix, and clearance angles. What separates us from other tool manufacturers, is our ability to find the best combinations of geometrical features that perform best for you and your machinery and continue making those combinations over and over again. When programmers look into catalogs they are limited to information that may not be applicable to their equipment. We are not a catalog company due to the fact that not all customers run the same equipment, material, or coolant.  Give us the opportunity to tailor tools specific to your needs and experience how 30 years of tool making experience transcends solid carbide tooling. 

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Coolant Through Capabilities 

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Unparalleled Quality

We manufacture our cutting tools on the highest quality CNC grinders available in the industry. Along with our vast capabilities for producing solid carbide rotary tools and form tools, we also have a dedicated tool and cutter grinding facility to sharpen and recondition previous customer tools. We are not only experts in carbide specialties, we have vast knowledge in high-speed machining. If you utilize machinery that is capable of running 6K-40K rpm and 24-100hp, we have a wide range of tools suitable for your operations. 

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